Certified Divorce Financial Analysis

What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)?

Your CDFA is the financial expert and advocate you need in your corner during your divorce process.  A CDFA is normally a financial expert, who has additional specific training in the financial intricacies of the divorce process.   Your CDFA understands your unique financial situation (challenges, opportunities and strategies), answers your questions, performs analysis and projections, looks for the pitfalls and critical financial issues you face in your divorce, and provides you with the information and clarity to confidently move forward (in conjunction with your attorney) with the many financial decisions you make that greatly impact your and your family's post divorce financial health and well being.

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Pre-Mariage Financial Coaching

Start your marriage off on the right financial foot by attending three informative and enlightening "money dates".   Explore and discover each partner's money personality and the often unconscious thoughts, emotions and triggers around money.  Understand your financial picture and together, begin to paint a bright and healthy financial future.  Sessions lead jointly by financial coach and relationship coach.

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For Attorneys and other Divorce Professionals

If you are a family law attorney, interested in learning how working with me, a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), can save you time, yet most importantly, for your clients, reduce the big scary unknown of their future financial picture.  Once clarified, with critical issues and strategies uncovered,  this large source of tension, stress and conflict is reduced and clients can move forward through the decision making process with you in a less emotional, more confident state, allowing everyone to focus on creating the best possible financial outcome.

If you are a therapist, and have clients contemplating divorce, some individuals or couples find a session with a CDFA encourages or renews their commitment to working things out. The truth is, divorce is expensive in many ways, including financially, and I trust for most is the very last resort.

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Since 1993

What color is your financial future?

Statistically and practically, divorce creates negative financial outcomes.  Incomes that covered one household now need to cover two.   Emotional tensions are high and the decisions you make now will impact your financial picture long into the future.  Even if you think you're financial situation is pretty basic and particularly if you've accumulated any assets (home/401K/investments) or complexities at all,  seemingly small details can greatly impact your future financial picture.  Make sure you paint that picture now.   That is what hiring a CDFA during this difficult, emotional, and tumultuous time will do.  We look at, understand, analyse and ask questions.  We provide reports and data.  All of this to help you understand the pitfalls that abound, both in the decisions you are required to make, and equally importantly, those often neglected, yet vitally important details surrounding current and future financial decisions. Certain areas are critical to understand, analyse and address correctly - especially in areas of specialized employee compensation (stock options, restricted stock unites, non-salary compensation), small businesses, investments, real estate, retirement accounts, pensions, any liabilities (loans, etc) as well as understanding the intricacies of taxation and your future social security standing as well as tax and details regarding how spousal support and child support are treated differently from a financial standpoint.  Remember, your attorney is a great lawyer, and understands much in the financial realm, but CDFA's are experts at financial issues relating to divorce and help you create your best financial future.


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