My Approach

Susan Austin, MBA and CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) provides divorcing women, men (and sometimes couples together) the information, confidence and clarity needed to make optimal financial decisions. Decisions that best support you, in both the short and long term, as you create the best post-divorce life you can imagine.

My process is both thorough and compassionate and supports the many decisions you and your attorney will be making. Decisions that often impact both your short and long term financial health are more than you can imagine. You have questions. You have various scenarios and options. Your situation may seem simple or complex. As we work together, you will feel empowered because you have the information and support to move forward. Although I can't help you in all areas of your divorce, together we can minimize your stress and maximize your decision making confidence surrounding your financial health and well being.

Meet Your Team

Divorce is a rough road.
Add a compassionate, competent and supportive CDFA to your team.
Experience how confidence and clarity surrounding your financial decisions smooths the road.

Susan Austin


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, MBA and Owner

As an MBA and CDFA I support and provide clarity and information to clients going through the divorce process. Analysis, education, and both short and long term projection provide clients confidence and information needed to move forward and make the best possible decisions and create the best financial picture for themselves and their family during a usually difficult and stressful season of life.

Your Attorney


You can begin working with me, even if you have not yet selected your attorney. The information and analysis you gain will be valuable and necessary in your first few client/attorney meetings and you will be a step ahead of most.

If you have already hired an attorney, you may decide to hire me independently or your attorney can contact me directly.

Many attorney's are just now discovering how valuable the information provided by a qualified CDFA - including powerful decision support tools, and analysis of multiple scenarios, and data gathering, benefits both you and your attorney.



You are an integral part of this process. You bring your hopes and dreams for your future and you bring the realities of your current "money" life. Where ever you are on the financial spectrum from you love every detail of the financial side of your life or you say "I have no idea and I prefer it that way!" - we will navigate it together.

My compassion paired with competence I've gained through 30+ years in the financial industry is here to help you create the best situation possible. I have detailed training in the intricacies of divorce. My creativity shows up in the innate ability to see option, explore alternatives and ask relevant questions. Together we'll wade in. You'll find that the results of my process and the benefits you gain will have you ready and excited (well as excited as you can be going through a divorce) to move forward with the myriad of financial decisions that will have an impact on your future financial health and well being.

Next Steps...

Wondering how I can help you?  Contact me for more information or to schedule an initial phone or email consultation.